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  An interstellar alliance of planetary governments and colonies, united for mutual trade, exploratory, scientific, cultural, diplomatic, and defensive endeavors, founded in 2161.
TNG "The Outcast"
In 2373, the Federation comprised more than 150 member planets, spread out across 8,000 light-years.
Star Trek: First Contact
Membership in the Federation was predicated on a number of factors, such as the existence of a unifed planetary government.
TNG "Attached"
Similarly, under the Federation charter, castebased discrimination is not permitted on member planets.
DS9 "Accession"
Federation members include Earth, Vulcan, by the Federation Council, composed of representatives from the various member planets, that meet in the city of San Francisco on Earth. The Council itself is led by the Federation president, whose office is in the city of Paris on planet Earth.
Star Trek IV: The Voyager Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, DS9 "Homefront", DS9 "Paradise Lost"
The economic structure within the Federation made very little use of money in the 20th-century sense of the term. By the 24th century, the acquisition of wealth ceased to be the driving force in the lives of the majority of Federation citizens.
TNG "The Neutral Zone" , Star Trek: First Contact
Although the Federation and its Starfleet have done an extraordinary job of maintaining a generally peaceful climate in this part od the galaxy (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), the Federation and its member planets have been involved in a number of armed conflicts over the years. Notable among these are the tensions with the Klingon Empire that lasted almost a century until the Organian Peace Treaty of 2267, and later the Khitomer conference of 2293. Still unresolved are conflicts with the Romulan Star Empire and the Tholian Assembly. The Federation was involved in a protracted, bitter war with the Cardassians that dated back to the 2350's. An uneasy peace treaty with the Cardassian Union was reached in 2366.
TNG "The Wounded"
Conflict with the Cardassians continued at lower levels for years. One particular hot spot was Bajor, after the end of Cardassian occupation of the planet in 2369, when the Federation took over operation of the old Cardassian mining station Deep Space 9 in the Bajoran system near the newly discovered stable wormhole.
DS9 "Emissary"
There is no definitive list of members in the Federation, since the shows' writers need the freedom to invent new members as specific stories require. The 150-member figure was deliberately chosen to approximate the members in Earth's present United Nations.
Star Trek Encyclopedia II
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